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Company Friends

Tally & Toklat


Tally and Annie. Tally is a classy lady that is a representative for Toklat. She keeps us up-to-date with new products. We really like the Myler bits and pads they have, among other items. Tally rides a horse and has real life experiences that help her do her job. *Also- see Julie Goodnight in the back. She likes good tack, too!

Crates/Mt Silver


Crates Saddlery doesn't go to the Denver Market, but Montana Silver takes this beautiful Crates show saddle with them. It's all decked out in Montana Silver! Crates is one of our favorite companies!!!

Jeff Jonas


Jeff and Anita. Jeff used to ride bulls. Now he sells for Dan at Wild West Braiding and Crates Saddle Company. He comes in to our store from time to time. He's a nice guy. ******RIP Buddy.

Dan & Wild West


Dan is the guy that has Wild West Braiding. We like his rawhide braided products and the other great quality tack. Dan's okay, too!

Jerry Beagley


Jerry Beagley and Annie. We met Jerry at our store when he was driving through the Northwest. He sells Jerry Beagley Products: rodeo equipment, saddles, and more. He has the best Martha Josey reins anywhere! He was a rodeo cowboy!

Garland &BigHorn


Garland sells for Big Horn and American. We've known him for a lot of years! It was nice to see him at Denver.

Sharon Camarillo & Annie


Sharon Camarillo, a barrel racing legend, who has one of the best barrel racing books out ever, was a joy to visit with. We are hoping to have her in our area for a clinic.

Ozark Leather


Anita and Annie meet our friend Richard, who works at Ozark Leather. Their company won best booth at the Denver Market in 2011. Nice!

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